Say it With Confidence: How to Discuss Rates

February 22, 2023
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Are you able to talk about the big things with confidence or does talking with potential clients make your mouth dry? Do you dread waiting for your potential client to say, “So, what are your rates for this type of project?”

You’re not alone. Most of us have difficulty talking about “difficult” topics. Money—especially when it comes to quoting prices for our own work, is especially difficult. But if you’re going to be successful in business, you must learn how to say it with confidence.

Discussing rates with confidence is one of those conversations you need to master if you want to be the boss of your business.

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Here are a few tips to help you give a Boss Response.

Practice with Confidence

The first rule for declaring your prices with confidence is simply to practice. Talk to yourself in the shower. Tell your dog what your rates are. Stand in front of your mirror and say, “I charge $XXX.00 per hour.” The more you say your rates out loud (not in your head) the more natural it will become for you.


Smile when you tell a potential client your rates. Even if you’re on the phone or writing an email. Your tone changes when you smile, and so does the “tone” of your message. You want your tone to convey confidence and authority, not to mention professionalism. When you’re confident about your rates, your client has confidence that your work is worth it.

Avoid Uncertainty

Listen to yourself as you speak to potential clients. You want to avoid saying things like:

  • “Well, normally I charge…”
  • “Actually, my rates are…”
  • “Do you think that $XX.00 will work for you?”

These are all wishy-washy ways of talking that do not instill confidence in your client, and worse, they make you sound like you don’t believe in yourself.

Rather than squeaking out a timid, “Um, I usually charge $1,000 per month,” straighten your back, smile, and say, “My retainer rate for two posts of this length per month is $1,000. Did you want me to send the contract over today?”


Once you’ve given your answer, especially with rates, that’s when it’s time to stop talking.

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When we’re nervous or intimidated, we tend to talk. We want to fill the silence with something, anything, just to avoid sitting there and wondering what the client is thinking.

But guess what? Your client is just as uncomfortable with silence, and psychologically, the one who speaks first is at a disadvantage. So, when you’re talking price or another big point, avoid the urge to fill the silence and let your potential client take time to respond.

And don’t justify your pricing!

Will speaking with confidence always land you a new client?


But sharing your pricing in a clear voice will let potential clients know you’re confident in your skills, and that you are the right fit for their project. Always give the Boss Response and do it with confidence!


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