Mastering Content Strategy

A Five-Day Bootcamp to Grow Your Business

August 5-9, 2024 from 12 pm - 1 pm (EST)/9 am - 10 am (PST)

The content world is changing.

Rapidly developing AI technology, mass layoffs that are flooding the market with new freelancers, and clients who are re-prioritizing their budgets have most of the content professionals I know asking, "What can I do to future-proof my business?"

Provide Content Strategy as a Service!

Content strategy is more than creating a content plan and an editorial calendar. Much more!

You need to know how to:

  • Sell your services to clients
  • Create an effective client management process that will keep your strategy creation moving
  • Understand your client's brand and business, their goals, and what they want their content to accomplish
  • Orchestrate an initial strategy kick-off session that gives you all the information you need to get started
  • Compile audience research and personas, perform complete content audits, integrate SEO research and reporting, complete a gap analysis and competitor analysis, and create reports
  • Confidently present your strategy and your implementation plan to your clients

If it seems like a lot of moving parts, that's because it is!

It's taken me years to put together a solid, proven process for creating a content strategy that wows clients and turns them into superfans! 

But it all starts with the foundational elements of the content strategy, and I'll teach those to you in the Mastering Content Strategy Bootcamp. 

The bootcamp is packed with valuable information that will help you grow your business.

Over the course of five days, we'll dive into an introduction to the foundational elements of strategy. Don't be fooled by the word introduction. I've packed the bootcamp full of information to help you understand what it takes to create a successful content strategy.

Don't take my word for it ...

Treasa absolutely smashed it with the Content Strategy Bootcamp. She is an amazing coach and I've gained so much value and learned some practical skills about content strategy from her in such a short time training together.

Craig McCartCraig McCart

No matter how much you might love your work, sometimes you get bored. My enthusiasm for work was dipping when I saw a post by someone I respect on Facebook about the Content Strategy Bootcamp. I decided to give it a shot and see if strategy could be a way to reignite my business spark. It worked! I'm feeling more motivated than I have in some time, and am excited to keep learning and to get busy marketing content strategy to my clients. If you're looking to add to your skills, this bootcamp is a great way to do it!

Dava StewartDava Stewart

Attending this bootcamp helped me: 1) connect the dots between different kinds of strategy I could offer, 2) gain confidence in offering strategy to clients as a service instead of an ad hoc to a consultation call, 3) understand what to include when offering content strategy to a client. It gave me the tools and confidence to start positioning myself as a content strategist and I can't wait to see what being in Strategy Bosses brings to the table. Best investment I ever made.

Drashti ShahDrashti Shah

After 15 years as a freelance content writer, I was interested in making the leap to strategy but unsure what that would entail, even after taking a different strategy class that cost twice as much. I took a chance on the Content Strategy Bootcamp, and I'm so happy I did. I was blown away by the amount of value packed into this course. Treasa gave us a complete, easy-to-follow breakdown of the content strategy process, and she was there to answer all of our questions in detail. The bootcamp showed me that content strategy is a great fit for my talents and skills, and it gave me the confidence to start offering this service.

Allie JohnsonAllie Johnson

Treasa's bootcamp was phenomenal! She packed so much valuable information into a short amount of time, but also made herself available outside of the bootcamp to answer questions or expand upon concepts when needed. She has a teacher's heart and is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge with others. If you have a chance to learn from her, DO IT. You won't be disappointed.

Tiernan McKayTiernan McKay

The Content Strategy Bootcamp delivered incredible value over five information-packed sessions. Thanks to her years of experience, Treasa is able to convey in great detail the nuances of what makes an effective content strategy. Equally important, she delves into client communications, as well as how to put together an effective proposal and plan. The homework is carefully designed to put your new-found knowledge into practice. You're in the hands of a master if you take this class!

Sarah ZimmermanSarah Zimmerman


  • Why the foundational elements of a great content strategy are a must, and how creating an SEO-optimized content strategy is a valuable service you can offer your clients.
  • Why understanding and aligning with your client's business goals can make or break your content strategy.
  • How to develop a clear understanding of your client’s audience so you can create a content strategy that works.
  • The importance of using SEO as an informing—not driving—element for your content strategy.
  • How to perform a content audit, gap analysis, and competitor analysis.
  • Valuable tips for creating an integrated content strategy.

Are you ready to take your content business to the next level?

Get ready to create content strategies that create superfan clients and grow your business!

You're Not Alone

Learning how to create a great content strategy doesn't have to be a struggle. And you don't have to do it alone.


I've been where you are. When I first ventured into content strategy, I struggled to find the knowledge I needed. My clients complained they'd already paid for a strategy, but it wasn't working and they wanted to try something new. Their previous strategist provided a generic framework and called it a strategy. Not good.


I dove in and worked with experts to find out how to create a customizable content strategy process that produces measurable results and a comprehensive checklist that helps me wow my clients every time.


The Mastering Content Strategy Bootcamp will provide you with an overall understanding of content strategy and walk you through the foundational elements you need to create an effective strategy. These are elements I spent years perfecting!


This bootcamp isn't a series of hour-long, boring lectures. I'll be sharing practical knowledge in an interactive, hands-on format. You'll also have the opportunity to apply what you learned right away. I hope you'll join me!

Learning Together

Hands-On Learning

Each session will feature an overview of that day's topic, a short (but intensive) lesson, an interactive activity, and Q&A time.

Networking and Discussion Boards

Have a question about that day's session or about the homework? Post it in the discussion board. Your fellow participants and I are here to help.

A Dedicated Community

You're not in this alone! You'll have access to your fellow participants and your instructor in a community reserved for bootcamp attendees.

Extended Community Access

All participants will receive one month of access to the Strategy Bosses Community

I can't recommend Treasa enough. After working with her through 1:1 coaching sessions, I've massively improved my content strategy and client management skills. Thanks to Treasa's guidance, I landed my first strategy project and $21k worth of work with a new client. Any training Treasa is selling, I'm buying.

Brittney ThompsonBrittney Thompson

This Bootcamp is Right for You if...

  • You're a content professional with a solid grasp of what it takes to create great content.
  • You're ready to take your business to the next level or pivot away from writing content for one-off projects.
  • You want to know how to do content strategy right. This bootcamp is a deep dive into the foundational elements of a great content strategy.
  • You're serious about growing your business and providing top-tier service to your clients.
  • You know content strategy opens the door to content management, brand voice consulting, and providing the content your client needs to implement the strategy.

This bootcamp might not be a good fit if...

  • Your schedule for bootcamp week is already full. Each day of the bootcamp will build on the one before. Replays will be available, but it's best if you can participate in real-time or set aside time each evening to catch up.
  • You're comfortable where you are. It's okay to say that writing or content management is your superpower and you don't want to offer additional services!
  • You want to know more, but you're not sure you have time to learn a new skill set.

Keep in Touch!

Want to learn more about content strategy but aren't ready to commit to the bootcamp just yet and you aren't sure if the Strategy Bosses Community is right for you? Then our newsletter is just what you need! 


Let's master content strategy and grow your business together.

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