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9 Tips on How to Set Boundaries with Clients

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Impatient texts, late payments, and inappropriate advances. These are all examples of clients who needed set boundaries (or a quick firing). Boundaries aren’t always top of mind when you’re working on a client management plan, but they’re essential. They help keep professional connections healthy and productive. The trick is to make sure everyone feels respected without pushing your clients away. …

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5 Essential Client Management Skills Every Freelancer Needs

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Welcome, fellow freelancers! As someone who’s been in the freelancing game for a while now, I’ve learned a thing or two about client management. And let’s be real. Every once in a while you’ll get a client who’s a real pain in the a$$. When I first started freelancing, I was lucky enough to land an anchor client right away. …

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Say it With Confidence: How to Discuss Rates

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Are you able to talk about the big things with confidence or does talking with potential clients make your mouth dry? Do you dread waiting for your potential client to say, “So, what are your rates for this type of project?” You’re not alone. Most of us have difficulty talking about “difficult” topics. Money—especially when it comes to quoting prices …

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Client Communication: A Comprehensive How To Guide

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This is a long one, but it’s worth the extra time! Effective client communication is one of the most important aspects of running a business. For clarification, when I say communication, I’m talking about every interaction you have with a client from the first time they see your website or book an appointment until you offboard them or finish your …