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Content strategy can seem like a complex maze of goals, audience personas, content audits, and SEO. Most strategists fail because they aren’t sure which path to take, or they think creating a content plan without the foundational research is enough. If you want to perfect your strategy skills, you’ve come to the right place! Let's break free from the confusion and tap into your content strategy superpowers together.

Welcome to Strategy Bosses, where collaboration, learning, and a supportive community come together. Our mission is simple: to provide a collaborative learning environment and a supportive community that will transform your content game and grow your business with content strategy and pro-level client management. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just dipping your toes into the world of content strategy, we've got your back. Let's navigate this exciting journey side by side. Join our community today and unlock the secrets to content strategy success.

Is this you?

  • My clients are asking for content strategy, but I'm not sure where to start.
  • The content world is changing and I want to future-proof my business by adding additional services to my toolkit.
  • I'm looking for new ways to attract ideal clients who stick around for more than one project.
  • I want to learn content strategy to increase my expertise and employability as a content professional.
  • I want to learn content strategy to grow my business.
  • I've spent hours searching for content strategy resources and they all contradict one another.

If so, Strategy Bosses is the perfect community for you. At one time, I lived through most of those statements. No more. I've mastered the process of creating a content strategy and so can you. 

Most of my content strategy coaching clients have fallen into one of three categories: (1) I'm in over my head, (2) I have to learn it now, or (3) I'm preparing for the future.

  • "I have a client call tomorrow and I told them I would do a content strategy. I have no clue where to start. Help!" Oops. Reaching out for help was the right decision.
  • "I've found the perfect client. The only problem is they need a complete content strategy and they want to keep the strategy and the content creation with the same contractor. If I land this client, the content writing alone will double my income. I've searched for resources, but none of them fit my situation. Can you help me with a proposal and then work with me to create the strategy?" The last-minute need to learn a new skill added massive stress, but she landed the client and completed a great strategy!
  • "One of my LinkedIn connections posted about how her business has grown enough in the last year that she's had to hire a VA and she's working with a team of subcontractors to keep up. I reached out to her, and she told me she'd worked with you to learn content strategy. Her last strategy job not only paid five figures, it also led to a year-long retainer to execute the strategy. I want to do that."

While all three situations lead to the same result—a working knowledge of putting together a strategy that wows clients—the last scenario is usually the least stressful.

It doesn't matter if you are struggling through a strategy now, or want to learn strategy so you can offer it as a service in the future. Now is the time to learn.

Headshot with quote above that says, 'I'm creating the community I wanted and needed when I started doing content strategy.'

A little transparency. I fall into the "had to learn it" category.

My first strategy client started with that discovery call we all dream about. They needed content and a lot of it. I had the space on my schedule, and my bank account was pleading for nourishment. 

We ended the call on a positive note and I sent off my proposal that afternoon with fingers crossed and a healthy dose of imposter syndrome. Who was I to think I had a right to charge that much for one project?

The next morning I had an email. "Treasa, the proposal looks great. I've shared it with the team and I think we are good to go, but I want to talk to you about one thing before we move forward. Can we schedule a quick call today?"

The "one thing" was a content strategy. They were willing to make the investment for the content, but not without a content strategy pulling it all together. 

I promised to get back to her the next day and spent the next five hours searching for every resource I could find on content strategy. I even pulled out my textbooks from my post-grad classes! The results were frustrating and only marginally helpful.

The next morning, I reached out to a group of content professionals I'd recently joined, and several offered to hop on a call and give me an overview of their process. All three were different.

I told the client I would do the proposal, but made it clear that it was my first and I wanted to take the necessary time to do it right. Over the next month, I put together different elements from the research I'd compiled and ended up with a decent, if uninspired, strategy. Luckily I had a whole year to keep improving it. 

Since then, I've worked with many more clients and I've perfected my process. I have a customizable checklist that can be adapted to work for any size business or brand. 

I've since coached and shared my process with other content professionals and it's worked for them as well. Now I want to share it with you!

Don't struggle through your first strategies like I did. I'll share everything I know so you can learn how to create content strategies that will turn your clients into superfans.

The Support You Need

Customizable Resources

No more reinventing the wheel if you need a checklist or template.

Office Hours

Questions? You can ask them in our 2x a month office hours or post them in a group.

Group Coaching

Diving deeper into the topics you need help with. We're in this together.


Live and recorded trainings that walk you through the strategy process step-by-step.

Networking & Community

No more learning and doing in a vacuum. We're building a supportive community of pros!

What You Need Now

With three membership levels, you can take advantage of the level of support you need.

The Benefits You Want

Community Support

Running a business can be a lonely endeavor. Embrace the opportunity to reach out with questions, problems, or even the occasional vent. Your fellow community members will offer encouragement and accountability as you grow.

Grow Faster

Learn best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and what's working in today's market from professionals who are in the trenches with you. With community members at all stages of business growth, you'll be able to both seek out and offer guidance.

Broaden Your Network

When you surround yourself with talented, skilled, and knowledgeable individuals you have endless opportunities for networking and growth. We'll host regular community networking events and you'll connect in the community too!

Choose Your Membership Level

Founding member rates are available for a limited time!

Strategy Boss Membership
  • Community Discussion Boards
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  • Pre-recorded & Pop-Up Trainings
  • Office Hours (2x a month)
  • Networking Opportunities

$47 a month
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Strategy Pro Membership
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Strategy Mastery Mastermind
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Strategy Bosses Comparison

One strategy client will easily pay for a year in Strategy Mastermind. Just ask Brittney!

"I can't recommend Treasa enough. After working with her through 1:1 coaching sessions, I've massively improved my content strategy and client management skills. Thanks to Treasa's guidance, I landed my first strategy project and $21k worth of work with a new client. Any training Treasa is selling, I'm buying."

Brittney ThompsonBrittney ThompsonFreelance Content Marketing Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

Which membership is right for me?

Strategy Boss is for content professionals who are passionate about all things content and want to learn strategy a little at a time. You'll have access to resources, recorded training, twice-monthly office hours (ask those questions), and you'll get to surround yourself with a community of supportive professionals with the same interests!
Strategy Pro is right for you if learning content strategy is one of your more immediate goals. Live training sessions and group coaching will give you the boost you need to get started. You'll also have the opportunity to attend networking events-these are great for collaboration and finding new opportunities.
Strategy Mastermind is the place for you if you are ready for a serious commitment to learning content strategy. You'll be placed in a small cohort and learn how to create content strategies that turn your clients into superfans. Each cohort will start at that first client contact and work step-by-step through the entire strategy process to offboarding. Strategy Mastermind participants will also be given the opportunity to accept client referrals and project opportunities. Membership for this level is by application only to make sure it's a good fit for you!

Can I start in Strategy Boss and upgrade my membership later?

Of course! Every membership level is going to be packed with value, so you'll have access to some of the same resources and valuable training sessions as the other membership levels. The big difference is in the intensity of the training and the hands-on experience you'll receive. If you want to upgrade to Strategy Pro, contact us and we'll help you with that process. New cohorts of Strategy Mastermind will open several times a year. If you're interested in the mastermind level, let us know and we'll add you to the waitlist.

Why should I join a membership when I can find content strategy information by searching for it?

The benefits of participating in a learning community are huge. No joke. While some of the information you'll learn in the membership can be found by searching, all you'll really find is the "what." And you'll find a hundred versions of that, none of it complete. We'll go deeper and work through the "how" together. The best part is that you won't be learning alone. If you have questions, you'll be able to ask for input from your fellow community members, and I'll be ready to answer them too.

How will the community change as it grows?

The Strategy Boss community will be shaped by what you, the members, want and need. You'll see regular posts asking for your input, training requests, and what resources you need. Don't be shy! We want to hear from you.

Can I sign up for one-on-one coaching?

A limited number of coaching spots are available and are reserved for those urgent "I need help now!" situations. If you are going to reach out to potential strategy clients in the next few months, I highly recommend applying for a Strategy Mastermind cohort seat.

Do you have a refund policy?

We offer a full refund within the first 30 days for the Strategy Boss and Strategy Pro memberships. Due to the nature of the Strategy Mastermind membership and the resources available to the members, refunds are not available. All payments for Strategy Mastermind membership are non-refundable.

How old do I have to be to join?

At least 18. We reserve the right to cancel the membership of anyone under the age of 18. We want to always ensure the safety and security of every community member, and we are not equipped to monitor minors. If you are starting your content career young, join us when you turn 18.

Can I share my products or offer services in the community?

No. This is a learning community and we want every member to enjoy the community without being sold to constantly. If you are reported for sending sales DMs or one of our moderators finds you soliciting or selling, your membership will be revoked. We may occasionally, if there is interest, put up a post where you can share your resources.

Do you offer discounts?

We all love a good deal, and we work hard to offer massive value at every membership level. We do not offer discounted rates.

Do you offer team packages?

Please contact us at info@bossresponses.com with your team size, your goals for the cohort, and your contact info.

Will I be able to talk to Treasa and other experts after I join?

Yes! We will host regular office hours, pop-up live events, scheduled training events, and network events where you can ask questions, get feedback, or just chat. You can also send direct messages, just know I may not get to those immediately.