Episode 1: How to Set Rates with Confidence with Jennifer Goforth Gregory

When I decided to start the Boss Responses podcast, I knew just who I wanted the first guest host to be. And she said yes!
Jennifer Goforth Gregory has been a beacon of light for me as I’ve grown my business. She gives selflessly of her time and experience in her quest to help other freelancers grow their business.
In this episode, Jennifer and I explore the common challenges freelance writers face when quoting prices for new clients.

Does imposter syndrome get in the way when you're determining your rates? We share how you can objectively assess your value based on the clients' perspective and their budget (rather than your own perceived value). We also chat about the importance of self-respect and the pitfalls of undervaluing your services and share a few practical strategies you can use.

This episode is a must-listen for any freelancer wants to build confidence and improve their negotiation skills. Looking for more great advice from Jennifer? Check out these episodes:

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Today's Guest: Jennifer Goforth Gregory

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Jennifer Goforth Gregory has owned her own freelance content marketing business for 15 years. Her clients include IBM, Adobe, Google, HPE, Verizon, Meta/Facebook, Franklin Covey, IEEE and Microsoft. Jennifer wrote the best selling book The Freelance Content Marketing Writer. She also founded and manages the Freelance Content Marketing Writer Facebook group, which is the largest community for freelance content marketing writers, with over 8K members from across the globe.

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