Evolve Your Content with a Simple Audit

June 8, 2023
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We get it, keeping your content game on point can be a wild ride. You're juggling engaging storytelling, SEO sorcery, and a touch of that oh-so-vital audience connection. But guess what? You don't need to be a digital wizard to master the art of great content. All it takes is a solid content audit.

Yep, you read that right. A content audit—your trusty tool to help you breathe new life into your content. While you should do a full content audit when developing your content strategy, you can majorly improve content performance anytime by making simple changes to your content. Let's dive into a checklist of ten simple, actionable steps you can take today to give your content a serious power boost.

Align with Your Goals

Start by making sure your content dance aligns perfectly with your business goals. You wouldn't wear flip-flops to a ballroom gala, right? Likewise, your content should mirror your objectives.

Quality Control Audit

Polish those writing lenses and run a quality check on your content. It's like serving a gourmet meal—make sure it's delicious, error-free, and consistently seasoned with your brand voice. Consider using a tool like ProWritingAid to make sure your content is clear, concise, and error-free.

Keyword Rethink

Make sure the keywords you're using tickle Google's fancy and align with what your audience is searching for. It's also important to only use relevant keywords and only where they make sense. Don't stuff keywords into your content just so they're there! Let's keep that search engine love flowing!

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CTA Magic

Your Call-to-Actions (CTAs) are like your content's magic spells. Make sure they're clear, aligned with your goals, and summoning the engagement you desire. Use CTAs to invite your audience to download lead magnets, buy products, look at sales, or register for events.


Analytics functions as your content treasure map. Seek out those golden high-performing content pieces, then consider giving them a little makeover or even a second life if they are older. Try to figure out why that piece of content is performing so well. Take a look at how you can use that formula to create new content that performs well too.

SEO Sorcery

Unleash SEO on your content. Tweak meta descriptions, weave in the right headings and subheadings, and make sure you give some attention to the image alt tags. Your content's Google ranking will thank you.


Variety is the spice of the content world. Mix it up with articles, videos, infographics, podcasts—whatever tickles your audience's fancy.

Social Media Audit

Review your social shares and likes. Find the content that's ignited the most engagement and let it guide some of your future posts.

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Links that Matter

Channel your inner perfectionist and make sure all your links are working, both inside and outside your content channels.

Audit Away the Content Gaps

Focus on unexplored territories. Identify topics your content hasn't ventured into yet but could be a goldmine for your audience. Are there topics they are asking for? Give them the content.

A simple content audit can help you take your content to the next level. No need to stress, just follow these steps and watch your content flourish and your business grow.

Until next time, happy content creation!


  • Treasa Edmond

    With 30 years in the workforce, 15 of those running her own freelance writer and content strategy business, Treasa has worked with all kinds of clients. It took her years to break out of an employee mindset so she could become the boss of her business. Now she's sharing her proven client management strategy and communication process so you can become the boss of your business today!